The Mirage of Lost Hope

The mirage of lost hope is a collaborative work between Darkstar83 Aka Kostas Konstantinidis from Greece and 3bc Aka Don Cook from USA

All of the music on this ep was written and performed by Darkstar83 and 3bc aka Don Cook between 2012-2013. Track 04 features Tetsuroh Konishi on trumpet.

Thanks for listening and support.



Tetsuroh Konishi:

Special thanks to Cesar Naves for his wonderfull videos at «TheMirage Of Lost Hope» «Crumpling Dreams»and «Into Ruins» and Doug Henry for his videos on «When Forever Ends»& «When Forever Ends Mir Version»

Written and performed by Darkstar83 and 3bc

Photography And Design by Darkstar83

Mixing By:3bc

Produce by: 3bc &DarkStar83